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[movies]Tony Hey: Citizen Science - PopTech
As Corporate Vice President of External Research for Microsoft, Tony Hey is responsible for public-private partnerships with scientific and engineering communities, government agencies, and industry partners worldwide. At PopTech 2009, Hey discussed the critical role of citizen scientists in understanding complex data-intensive problems like climate change and galaxy formation.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Collaboration; Crowdsourcing; PopTech 2009; Data
Downloads: 25
[movies]Logan Richardson: Improvisations - PopTech
Logan Richardson's alto saxophone compositions have been hailed by the Jazz Times as "incisive, multi-dimensional and remarkably flexible, wrapping and twisting phrases into unexpected origami shapes." At PopTech 2009, Richardson's improvisations muse on America at a critical crossroads.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2009; Culture
Downloads: 109
[movies]Derek Lomas: Open Source Games - PopTech
2009 PopTech Fellow Derek Lomas is director of the Playpower Foundation, a global network of developers, designers, academics, NGOs and businesses. Playpower leverages the availability of ultra-low-cost computers to create and distribute affordable, effective, and fun learning games for under-privileged children worldwide.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Education; Development; Fellows; Games; Social Innovation Fellows 2009; PopTech 2009; Community
Downloads: 30
[movies]Reuben Margolin's Kinetic Art - PopTech
First inspired by the mysterious and mathematical qualities of a caterpillar's crawl, artist Reuben Margolin creates large-scale kinetic sculptures that use pulleys and motors to create the complex movements and structures we see in nature. Margolin takes to the PopTech stage to share some of his extraordinary mechanical installations.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Art; Engineering; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 45
[movies]Mike Wesch: Lessons From YouTube - PopTech
Cultural anthropologist Mike Wesch studies YouTube and how social media is transforming how we communicate. The Kansas State University professor says social media has made us far more connected. His research on YouTube also reveals a media landscape that is fostering new forms of community and collective action.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Technology; Internet; Culture; Community
Downloads: 109
[movies]Stephen Vitiello: Intimate Listening - PopTech
From composing electronic music to scoring experimental videos to making larger-scale public installations that create immersive soundscapes, sound artist Stephen Vitiello invites his audience to reinterpret sound. He took us on a sonic tour of his work including recordings from a 1999 residency at the World Trade Center and his sound installation at New York City's High Line, "A Bell for Every Minute."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2010; Art
Downloads: 207
[movies]Riley Crane: Crowdsource win - PopTech
Riley Crane, a postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Media Lab, found out about the DARPA Red Balloon Challenge four days before it started (find ten balloons placed in ten different locations around the country). Four days, eight hours, and 52 minutes later his team had won the competition. Watch him talk about how they did it and the challenges they encountered in the process.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Data; Culture; PopTech 2010; Crowdsourcing; Collaboration
Downloads: 219
[movies]Aidan Dwyer: Better solar designs - PopTech
13-year old Aidan Dwyer designed a more efficient model for solar power by studying Fibonacci sequences. Today, his divides his time between junior high and collaborations with research organizations like the University of Madison's Resilience Research Center.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Energy; PopTech 2011; Science; Design; Engineering; DIY; Youth; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 43
[movies]Unity Dow: Rethinking Africa - PopTech
Unity Dow, a lawyer, high court justice in Botswana and novelist, describes seismic generational shifts between pre- and post-independence Africans. She asks how the identity shifts of the next generation will change the dynamics of the world stage and what that means for Americans, many of whom are working with outdated paradigms in a world rebalancing.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Business
Downloads: 96
[movies]Asil Abulil, Nour Al-Arda, Asil Shaar, and Jameela Khaled Innovate from the Edge - PopTech
Inspired to help a blind friend navigate the streets of their West Bank refugee camp, Palestinian students Asil Abulil, Nour Al-Arda, and Asil Shaar and their teacher Jameela Khaled, designed a cane that beeps and vibrates, which won an award at Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Youth; PopTech 2010; Innovation; Entrepreneur
Downloads: 78
[movies]David Wax Museum: Mexo-Americana Music - PopTech
The David Wax Museum fuses traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock to create an utterly unique Mexo-Americana aesthetic.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2011; Culture
Downloads: 101
[movies]Justin Gallivan: Custom Bacteria - PopTech
2010 Science and Public Leadership Fellow Justin Gallivan is amazed by bacteria. You can get them to do almost anything. For instance, e. coli bacteria can be programmed to eat atrazine, a widely used herbicide that contaminates ground water. The key? Being able to program them to solve pressing eco-challenges.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Environment; PopTech 2010; Water; Ecology
Downloads: 47
[movies]Amro Hamdoun: Cell Self-Defense - PopTech
Cell biologist Amro Hamdoun seeks to understand the systems that cells and embryos use to protect themselves against chemical pollution. Why do some "bad" chemicals make it into cells, and how can we predict which ones will as we develop even more chemicals?
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Health; Environment; PopTech 2010; Biology
Downloads: 36
[movies]Christina Agapakis: Toe cheese
Microbiologist Christina Agapakis shows how she makes cheese from bacteria collected from the human body. Armpits. Mouths. Between toes. "I'm really excited about things that sometimes are a little bit gross, a little bit disgusting."
Keywords: Biology; PopTech 2013; Science; Science Fellows 2013
Downloads: 33
[movies]Christen Lien: Viola Interpretations - PopTech
Violist Christen Lien combines her classical training with experimental acoustic and electronic sounds and a looping machine. What results is mesmerizing, layers of music that one fan called "a bridge to the divine." Entitled "Unabi," or Zulu for "flash of light," this song appears on Lien's debut album Vol I: Battle Cry.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Culture; Living Systems DC Salon 2010
Downloads: 274
[movies]Brooke Betts Farrell: Waste as Treasure - PopTech
Brooke Betts Farrell's idea is simple - she wants her company, RecycleMatch, to be the eBay of trash. Matching those who have waste with those who need it, RecycleMatch lowers costs, reduces waste and accelerates green innovation.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Business; Green; Sustainability; Ecology; PopTech 2010; Collaboration
Downloads: 23
[movies]Esther Wang: Measure impact
Esther Wang shares techniques for identifying whether billions of dollars in social interventions actually do measurable good. "Measuring impact is a challenge, but it is also critical and billions of lives depend on it."
Keywords: philanthropy; PopTech 2013; Social Innovation Fellows 2013
Downloads: 14
[movies]Kim Cobb: How Climate Changes - PopTech
Kim Cobb studies the climate variability of the past in order to construct a sense of what we can expect in the future. Having a clearer sense of rainfall, for example, over the next 100 years will be incredibly valuable in informing public policy.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Environment; Climate; PopTech 2010; Evolution
Downloads: 22
[movies]Ashley Merryman on Parenting - PopTech
Ashley Merryman has co-authored numerous articles about parenthood. Over the past two years, she and journalist Po Bronson have collaborated on an award-winning series of articles in New York Magazine. Their most recent work, a book titled NurtureShock, explores cutting edge research that challenges many familiar myths about how to best parent kids.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Education; PopTech 2009; Journalism; Psychology
Downloads: 66
[movies]Katherine J. Kuchenbecker: Haptic interfaces - PopTech
Katherine J. Kuchenbecker studies how humans process tactile stimuli. Through her work, she is able to design haptic interfaces, virtual objects and distant environments that feel real to the human touch. Her work aids in everything from creating more immersive environments for surgeons to designing tablet computers with surfaces that simulate reality.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2011; Robotics; Design; Science Fellows; Science Fellows 2011; Emerging Technology
Downloads: 110
[movies]Dean Ornish: Healthy Connections - PopTech
For more than thirty years, Dr Dean Ornish has demonstrated the power of a healthy lifestyle as the best kind of preventive care. These choices, Ornish reveals, are can turn on" disease-preventing genes and "turn off" genes that promote illness. Dr. Ornish has published a number of best-selling books on the subject; the most recent is The Spectrum.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Medicine; Food; Science; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 385
[movies]Zach Lieberman: Creative teaching
Zach Lieberman talks about teaching creativity in the information age at his School for Poetic Computation. "We are not sitting in front of a screen. We are trying to create a space for reimagining what is possible."
Keywords: creativity; Education; PopTech 2013
Downloads: 27
[movies]Laurie Leitch and Loree Sutton: Tapping social resilience - PopTech
Retired Army Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton, MD and clinical trainer Laurie Leitch, Ph.D., founded Threshold GlobalWorks to explore a neurobiological approach to social resilience. "We are all wired with it, in case you did not know that," says Leitch. "We are born neurologically wired for resilience because our system is survival-based."
Downloads: 416
[movies]Yasser Ansari: Citizen Science - PopTech
Yasser Ansari's Project Noah (Networked Organisms and Habitats), strives to be what he calls "a field guide for every organism." Inspired by Darwin's Field Guide, bio-instruments, and a little bit of steampunk, the platform encourages citizen scientists to step into the world, eyes open, and begin documenting what they find.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Mobile; Environment; Biology; Activism; Green; PopTech 2010; Ecology
Downloads: 21
[movies]Nicole Stubbs: Lending data
Learn how Nicole Stubbs is reducing lending and borrowing costs across the developing world through cloud technology by aggregating big data and producing recommendations about products and loan sizes. "How do you build real economic security in a cash economy?"
Keywords: big data; finance; PopTech 2013; Social Innovation Fellows 2013
Downloads: 15
[movies]Peter Kareiva is upbeat on the environment - PopTech
Peter Kareiva is the chief scientist for the Nature Conservancy. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Kareiva is often noted for his emphasis on nature's resiliency, rather than its impending doom. "Totally unnecessarily we get into a conversation where it is farmers versus conservation, where it is loggers versus conservation, where it is fishermen versus conservation."
Downloads: 242
[movies]Alysson Muotri: Uncovering autism links - PopTech
Alysson Muotri is working at the forefront of research on Autism Spectrum Disorder. By studying stem cells from adult patients with Rett syndrome, his work is uncovering new insights into the environmental and genetic causes of autism, and the possibility that autistic neurons may be induced to revert back to normal neurons.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2011; Health; Biology; Neuroscience; Science Fellows; Mind; Science Fellows 2011
Downloads: 98
[movies]Shaily Mahendra: Bioremediation - PopTech
In a process called bioremediation, Shaily Mahendra uses bacteria and fungi to indicate levels of pollution and ecosystem health. These same microorganisms can also be used to detoxify a wide variety of environmental pollutants, restoring a contaminated environment back to its healthier state.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2011; Ecology; Biology; Innovation; Science Fellows; Resilience; Emerging Tech; Science Fellows 2011
Downloads: 86
[movies]Lisa Aziz-Zadeh: Brain and body
Lisa Aziz-Zadeh explores the complex relationship between emotions, physical movement and brain activity. "Our bodies are the frames that our brain uses to understand other people."
Keywords: brain; PopTech 2013; Science Fellows 2013
Downloads: 26
[movies]David Eagleman: Brain over mind? - PopTech
David Eagleman is a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His areas of research include time perception, vision, synesthesia, and the intersection of neuroscience with the legal system. He is a pioneer on the power of the unconscious brain. "Are we free to choose how we act? Is the mind equal to the brain?"
Downloads: 74
[movies]Steve Barr Fixes Failing Schools - PopTech
According to Steve Barr, the fastest way to fix education in America would be to make private schools illegal. As the founder of Green Dot Public Schools, Barr is devoted to improving public education in blighted cities. His efforts have transformed high schools across Los Angeles into charter schools that send nearly 80% of students to college.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Education; PopTech 2009; Urbanization; Governance; Youth
Downloads: 21
[movies]Casey Dunn: Evolving Diversity - PopTech
Casey Dunn"Casey Dunn is rethinking where individuality begins. He is fascinated by siphonophores, deep sea superorganinisms comprised of thousands of organisms that are genetically identical but function in different ways. How have evolutionary pressures acted on the siphonophore and the individual organisms within it?
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Biology; Evolution; Environment; Ocean; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 79
[movies]Energy disruptors: Johanna Wellington on clean energy technologies - PopTech
Johanna Wellington was inspired to go into a technology career because she loves math like other people enjoy doing crossword puzzles. She started off at GE as an intern, went on to be a Combustion Design Engineer, and held several other positions before joining the Research Center in her current role as Advanced Technology Leader for Sustainable Energy where she is an expert in clean energy technologies.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Energy; Shorts; Emerging tech; Energy disruptors shorts; Energy disruptors
Downloads: 110
[movies]Steve Lansing: Bali's water temples - PopTech
Steve Lansing, a senior fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, discusses the Byzantine system for the distribution of water from a volcanic lake in Bali to over two hundred farming villages. It's worked since the 12th century, it's egalitarian and it's still-sustainable. "It's one of the few functioning, ancient democratic institutions that we know about. It's kind of beautiful."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Culture; Democracy; Engineering; Governance; PopTech iceland 2012; Sustainability; Water
Downloads: 387
[movies]Erica Williams on Youth Politics - PopTech
Erica Williams is a Washington, D.C.-based activist and commentator who currently serves as the Deputy Director of Campus Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress. In this riveting Poptech talk, Williams discusses how the Millennial generation--today's 18-30 year olds--are re-imagining the nature of political engagement.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Activism; Community; Politics; Justice; Government; PopTech 2009; Youth
Downloads: 10
[movies]Arbabi and Hosseini: “The Daily Show” of Iran - PopTech
Saman Arbabi and Kambiz Hosseini started a satirical television show, Parazit, broadcast on Voice of America. Today, it is an international phenomenon, drawing more than 700,000 followers. They use the power of satire combined with content from citizens on the street to expose injustices happening across Iran.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; PopTech 2011; Culture; Politics; Democracy; Journalism; Funny
Downloads: 358
[movies]Young Guru borrows a beat - PopTech
Revered as "The Sound of New York," Young Guru has mixed 10 of Jay-Z's albums and officially became Jay-Z's tour D.J. in 2010. Watch him borrow a beat from Al Green to show the fine line between art and piracy.
Downloads: 20
[movies]Lauren Abramson: Better Justice - PopTech
As the founder of the Community Conferencing Center, Social Innovation Fellow Lauren Abramson works to alter how society typically responds to crime and conflict -- changing the focus from punishment to accountability, healing, and learning.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Psychology; Conflict; PopTech 2010; Community; Justice
Downloads: 21
[movies]Kurt Andersen: Renewing America - PopTech
Kurt Andersen, best-selling author and host of the radio program Studio 360, has turned his unflagging curiosity to the current economic crisis. He believes it is an opportunity to get the nation back on track. Part of the answer, Andersen suggests, lies in reconnecting to the amateur spirit that first helped create America.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2009; Economics; Entrepreneur; Politics
Downloads: 253
[movies]David Robertson: Creative constraint
David Robertson uses LEGO's tumultuous business history to describe the delicate balance between creativity and constraints. "By putting focus and direction around innovation, that is how you turn sparks of brilliance into profitable innovation."
Keywords: Business; creativity; Innovation; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 21
[movies]George Church: Know Your Genes - PopTech
Geneticist George Church believes that genome sequencing can bring us closer to personalized medicine. Several years ago, Church launched the Personal Genome Project, a public database that connects genes to diseases as well as physical and biological characteristics. 100,000 volunteers are expected to contribute by 2010.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Medicine; Crowdsourcing; PopTech 2009; Biology; Community
Downloads: 114
[movies]Dean Karlan: Poverty measures - PopTech
Dean Karlan is President of Innovations for Poverty Action, a non-profit organization that creates and evaluates solutions to social and development problems, and works to scale-up successful ideas through implementation and dissemination to policymakers, practitioners, investors and donors. He is a Professor of Economics at Yale University. "There are some problems that we can solve. But we have to be pragmatic about it and figure out what is actually working and what is not."
Downloads: 107
[movies]Gidon Eshel: The Impact of Food - PopTech
Gidon Eshel is a statistician who grew up working on a dairy farm on an Israeli Kibbutz, a combination that's led to a deep knowledge of how what we eat affects our planet. His finding: a meat-based diet far exceeds the carbon emissions of a plant-based diet - meaning that most people's usual way of eating - the Mean American Diet - is truly "MAD."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Food; Environment; Climate; Culture; Energy; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 34
[movies]Jim Olson: Tumor paint
Jim Olson invented a potentially revolutionary "tumor paint" that locates and lights up tumor cells to show surgeons exactly what to excise. "In a few years, surgeons will have a hard time going back to surgery as they did it in the past."
Keywords: Medicine; PopTech 2013
Downloads: 27
[movies]Will Allen on Urban Farming - PopTech
Will Allen is co-founder and director of Growing Power, Inc., an organization that is transforming the production and delivery of healthy foods to underserved, urban populations. Growing Power operates as an urban farm and education center in Milwaukee, WI, and more recently, Chicago, teaching urban youth how to produce low-cost healthy foods for their communities.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Health; Food; Farming; Green; Community; Urbanization; Social Innovation; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 226
[movies]Adriane Herman: Art of the list - PopTech
Adriane Herman collects and displays found lists from all over the world. Heartbreaking, hilarious, mundane and, at times, shocking, these lists present a portrait of our attempts to contain our unruly humanity.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2011; Culture; Art; Funny
Downloads: 30
[movies]Young Guru: Capitalizing on "free" - PopTech
Revered as "The Sound of New York," Young Guru has mixed 10 of Jay-Z's albums and officially became Jay-Z's tour D.J. in 2010. He is also a leader in adapting to a challenging music business. "It is always vibe over money."
Downloads: 37
[movies]H. Sebastian Seung: Connectomics - PopTech
Computational neuroscientist H. Sebastian Seung conducts pioneering research on the wiring of the brain, and what it reveals about genetics, personality, and memory. Seung suggests that complex maps of neural connective structures, or connectomes, will reveal that our experiences literally shape our brains.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Neuroscience; Living Systems DC Salon 2010; Mind
Downloads: 233
[movies]Olivia Chaney: Harmonic lyricism
Check out a performance at PopTech 2013 by singer, songwriter and performer Olivia Chaney, complete with Indian harmonium.
Keywords: Music; PopTech 2013; Folk
Downloads: 30
[movies]Shorts: Tony Orrico performs at PopTech - PopTech
Artist and choreographer Tony Orrico impressed us with a performance of his work at PopTech's closing night party this year. In this video, he creates a smaller scale version of his durational Penwald Drawings, in which he uses his body to inscribe geometric shapes on paper, recording his motion meticulously and with grace.
Downloads: 36
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